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6 Top Websites to Learn English for Free in 2024

Learning English is an important skill in our globalized world. As we move into 2024, having a good grasp of English can open up educational and employment opportunities.

The good news is that there are more free resources than ever to help you improve your English.

In this blog post, I will share the best free websites for learning English online in 2024. With quality courses, community support, and innovative tools, these platforms make picking up English simple, rewarding and enjoyable. 

1- BBC Learning English:

The BBC is renowned for its educational content. Their Learning English platform brings this expertise to teaching English.

The site contains reading, writing, listening and grammar lessons to take you from beginner to advanced. An accompanying app means you can learn on the go.

Video clips, audio recordings and quizzes reinforce the lessons. The content is clear and easy to follow, even for complete beginners.

A highlight is the community forum where you can ask questions and exchange learning tips. With its comprehensive course material and active community, the BBC is one of the best free English resources out there.

2- Duolingo:

Duolingo uses game-design and machine learning to make picking up English downright fun. Bite-sized lessons test you on vocabulary, listening skills and grammar.

As you progress, the app personalizes lessons to focus on areas you find difficult. With its cute mascot owl, streak bonuses and awards, Duolingo feels more like a game than boring grammar book. The quick lessons make it perfect for learning on the go.

While best suited for beginners, basic intermediate material is also available. With over 300 million learners worldwide, Duolingo helps students better their English and connect over learning.

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3- EnglishClass101:

For a more traditional approach, EnglishClass101 has you covered. Their vast video lesson library is taught by qualified English teachers.

Topics range from grammar rules, vocabulary and pronunciation to conversation and exam preparation. Every lesson incorporates cultural insights into how English is really spoken.

With different hosts and lesson types, you can find an approach that works for your learning style.

While mostly focused on intermediate learners, beginner lessons are now being added. Complementing the structured video series are dictionary and reference tools to reinforce your learning.

For a thorough English education akin to a college course, EnglishClass101 is a great destination.

4- LangCorrect:

Once you have a grasp of English, LangCorrect provides a platform to practice writing. Their global community helps correct your texts on any topic while offering encouragement and feedback.

Having your work reviewed builds confidence while highlighting areas for improvement. In addition to individual submissions, articles posted daily provide valuable reading comprehension practice.

As you gain confidence in writing, you can also help review other learner’s submissions and offer advice. LangCorrect fosters a collaborative environment for taking your English skills to an advanced level.

5- LingQ:

An innovative approach to language learning, LingQ is all about comprehensible input. The courses and interface are designed so you are reading and listening to content at your level.

As you consume more English material, LingQ tracks new vocabulary and grammar forms for review. Over time, this expands how much content you can comfortably understand by reinforcing growth areas.

Avirtual tutor feature can read texts aloud while you follow along. With its smart content delivery and tracking of learning metrics, LingQ offers data-driven English instruction customized to your needs. 

6- Speechling:

Once you have a good grasp of reading, writing and grammar, Speechling helps take your speaking and listening abilities to an advanced level.

Their voice recognition technology lets you record spoken English responses to prompts. You then receive instant feedback on pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary and grammar usage.

Lessons focus on sounds that are challenging for your native language with plenty of opportunities for mimicry and repetition.

As skills improve, you can move onto dialogue responses and monologues. For really honing those oral English skills, Speechling utilizes the latest technology to provide personalized improvement in a fun way.

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Learning a new language presents challenges but can reap huge rewards. With enhanced job prospects, travel freedom and cultural understanding, picking up English is a wise investment.

Luckily quality English instruction is now freely available to all online learners. Through gamified apps, virtual classrooms, global communities and smart assistants, you have all the tools to succeed.

Commit to language growth in 2024 with one of these best free websites for English. Your global future will thank you!

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